The Training Institute for Africa

We’re passionate about the development of franchise brands and have put together the most conclusive training programs to ensure that your business is going to be a successful one.

Our use of the most modern, up-to-date techniques sets our training programs apart. Additionally, we are able to offer advice on the latest trends, regulations and policies that could affect our clients’ business. In outsourcing to TIA, you are assured of a professional, experienced and reliable service. See us as another arm of your business where we always add value.








Service Training recognizes the importance of brand power and what this means. It focuses on the importance of the staff understanding the brand and the difference they can make in their daily duties. Emphasis is placed on the fact that every single staff member within an organization plays a role in fulfilling the company’s relevant brand aspirations. This is a truly unique course and is a great way to get the staff motivated and to achieve goal congruency.

Duration: 1 day




The Franchisee Program caters to the needs of all franchise brands in South Africa. It is a detailed and thorough course for the franchisee. Operational and financial aspects of the business are covered in this detailed course. Stock management, HR, tax compliance and cash flow management are just a few of the topics that are covered, as we take you through the day to day management of your business. This course is truly the ‘A to B’ of franchise management and ownership.

Duration: 1 Month




The Management Program is designed to equip managers with all elements of running the business in question. We pride ourselves in developing original material relevant to a specific industry. Each course is tailored to the individual clients’ needs ensuring all nuances pertaining to the specific brand or industry are covered. A strong focus on practical exposure is also applied. This course aims to deliver the complete manager, someone who is equipped to take the business to a new level.

Duration: 1 Month